VIRAL: Foreigner made an “Eye-Opener” motivational video for Filipinos

Based in Global statistics, Metro Manila in Philippines has the most number  of homeless population in the world. Mostly in any corner of the street you can find homeless people who need help. This is a sad reality but most of us can’t do anything to solve this growing problem.

Recently, Hawaiian artist Jeff James made an “Eye-Opener” motivational video for the Filipinos which immediately went viral online.( As of this writing the video already has  18,500 shares,  650,000 views, 24,000 likes and counting)

In this four (4) minute video titled “My Brother’s Keeper”, they shared a story about a “Homeless Foreigner” who did his best to be successful in life after receiving a gift of one thousand pesos (P1000). His transformation from being homeless to a small time business man is priceless.

According to Jeff James, seeing homeless people in Philippines everyday inspired him to create “My Brother’s Keeper”. Prior to this short film, Jeff James made two reality inspirational videos where he helped real homeless people including a 90- year old woman.

How these foreigners speak our native “Filipino” language as their own made the video more incredible.

They chose to have the short film in “Tagalog” so that more Filipinos can relate to the story’s message and eventually change someone’s life.

Most Netizens who watched this video ended up crying or got teary eyed. They were all touched and inspired.

Watch the full video here of “My Brother’s Keeper” but warning! This video will make you cry!

“When we get help, do not waste the opportunity. We also need to help ourselves”.


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