VIRAL: Music Artist creates song about extra judicial killings

A novelty-like song is currently making rounds on social media.

Titled, “Papatayin Kita” written and composed by music artist Lolito Go, the song has been received with mixed reactions from netizens. While many are praising Go for his brave attempt to “attack” the ongoing purging in guise of war on drugs, more also say it’s premature for him to criticize the ongoing war that is helping this country rid from the drug menace.

Sought for the insight about the song, Gigsmanila was able to get hold of the man via Facebook message.

In the conversation, Go was asked what inspired him to write Papatayin Kita. He said the song was inspired by his value for human life. With the large number of killings, he wanted to put humor (as a wake up call) to the morbidity of the situation happening in the country.

“The spate of killings, if it continues unchallenged, threatens to trivialize not just human rights but human life itself.” he said.

He added, he doesn’t see any artists yet who got the courage to dissent with the ongoing extra judicial killings so he wanted to convey a message that senseless violence has to stop because it only targets the poor.

Go also revealed that contrary to the comments of some netizens that he’s just anti-duterte wanting attention, he said he is a certified Duterte supporter. He said he has written several songs and poems for then candidate Duterte to help him win the presidency. But his support doesn’t count on the killings. He cannot tolerate the killings that’s going on and he said that it has to stop. For him, quoting Joel David (who commented on his song) “one can be supportive while taking exceptions to perceived excesses; and a critical mind is the best legacy we can leave for the next generation.”

“Artists like me helped catapult Duterte to the the presidency. In fact I’ve written a number of poems and songs for him during the campaign period. And I still support many of his whims. In fact I wrote him a love letter pa nga last week saying that my faith in him is still intact. I couldn’t just tolerate the killings. It has to stop,” said Go.

Prior to Papatayin Kita, Go also disclosed that he has been writing protest songs and poems way back which peaked during Gloria Arroyo’s time.

WATCH: Here’s the viral Papatayin Kita song by Lolito Go.


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