VJ Hanli Hoefer Is Powered Up For MTV Music Evolution 2015

Pumped for the upcoming first-ever MTV Music Evolution 2015 happening on May 17 at Quirino Grandstand, MTV Asia VJ Hanli Hoefer, hosting alongside VJ Alan Wong, assures Filipino fans that the event will be, in her own words, “insane for sure.” the “educational” concert on its first edition will be focusing on the evolution of hiphop music. Set to hit the stage are local rappers, Abra and Gloc 9, along with international acts Naughty by Nature, YG, DJ Mustard, and

During the presscon held in Makati last May 7, the MTV Asia VJ shared her admiration for Pinoy perfomers and admitted that although she doesn’t understand the language, she felt the passion seeping through the rhythm and beat. “Tagalog is a really gorgeous language in a sense that it is wonderful for a genre like hiphop,” she said, “the flow of the rhyming – it just went so perfectly.

When asked about her insights regarding today’s music consumers, VJ Hanli pointed out that the internet made it easy for people to discover new sounds, create music, as well as meet individuals with the same taste. According to her, what’s different in the present music generation is that there are no longer “go-to genres.” she adds that people nowadays are more open to liking whatever music they like, leading away from following trends or what’s in.

O: What was your childhood like?
H: I think I’m very fortunate that my parents are very open people and really like the complete opposite of restrictive. You know, very encouraging for me and my brother to be just fearless of who we were and not apologize if we’re different in any way. I’ve always liked entertaining and I love being social. I’m a bit of an extrovert.

O: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve experienced onstage?
H: I think the first time being onstage is weird in general. When it’s your first time, you’re not used to, like, people yelling for you, you know. That was weird for me, it’s like “Whaaaaaaat?” It’s still a little bit like “Whaaaaaaaat?” So yeah, the first year of being a VJ, all the new experiences were weird because they were new but they were amazing.

O: As an avid hiphop fan, what do you think of the hiphop scene right now?
H: Well, it’s definitely evolved. Without a doubt, hiphop is no longer your classic, East vs West kind of beat. It’s a crossover of so many genres. It has become more than this urban sound. You have artists like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis just changing the image of what a hiphop sound is, rapping about different things. Yeah, it’s incredible. One that’s amazing is that it’s still really good, you know what I mean. It could be any kind of off-topic or off-genre of hip-hop and it’ll still be sick.

O: What’s the deepest or heaviest hiphop track you’ve ever heard?
H: The heaviest hiphop track, in my opinion, is Immortal Technique’s “Dance with the Devil.” It’s dark. It’s not for everyone but it’s undeniably the heaviest.

O: What’s the best thing about the Philippines?
H: The people. I mean, it makes the city, the country. Everyone is so friendly, so warm and welcoming … its very home-y feel, because I feel so warm.

O: How’s the traffic in Manila?
H: Last time that I was here, we were like four hours late for the shoot. But oh well, it gives me time to just go online.

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