WATCH: The controversial Mariah Carey video singing All I Want for Christmas is You

This video is getting the rounds and creating buzz in social media, a video of Mariah Carey singing “All I Want for Christmas is You” which many people said was her most terrible one.

Mariah’s performance was taken during her stint at the Christmas Tree Lighting at the Rockefeller Center where she sang live.

In the video Mariah is obviously not in her best, evident by the many high notes that she failed to hit and her obviously cracking voice which is unusual for the type of singing. because of that many viewers took to social media to share disappointment and disgust about her performance.

This was not the first time that Mariah was hit by netizens for an un-expected performance. In her Chanteuse Tour in Tokyo, Mariah also drew flak from the audience and netizens for failing to sing the same-old Mariah style.

But while there were those who got disappointed, many also shared good word about her. Some said, she may be i’ll or experiencing some sickness thus resulting to her crack voice. And others even said, she still sang it good compared to some others who will just resort to auto-tuned voice.

So, here it is, watch Mariah Carey’s performance at the Rockefeller Center’s Christmas Lighting ceremony.


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