WATCH: Imagine Dragons releases new music video

American rock band Imagine Dragons released a music video for their newest single Roots. The music video was shot around parts of New Zealand during the band’s break from their tour last month.

Dan Reynolds, front man for the band said in the Auckland leg of their tour that they chose to shoot their music video in New Zealand because the place felt like their home away from home.

The music video starts off with the band finishing up a gig but quickly turns into a dream sequence of sorts as Reynolds starts to move into different dreamlike images of striking locations and several home movie clips of the front man at different ages.

In an interview, Reynolds said that the song is about embracing culture, and the thing that makes a person who they are. He further added that “it’s easy to get lost in the world but family will always be your anchor.”

The music video in many ways shows the jarring contradiction of the life musicians face while on the road.

He also said that they wanted to show the truth about life on the road. While it’s true that there is an incomparable high of performing for a big crowd but there are also times when it just feels lonely coming home to a hotel room for long periods of time and wanting to be with their own families.

After its release three days ago, the music video has been viewed 716,492 times.


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