WATCH: Lea Salonga still crystal clear in singing Aladdin theme song 22 years later

22 years after she first sang the theme song of Disney’s “Aladdin”, Pinay International artist Lea Salonga still sounds crystal clear singing the song “A Whole New Whole.”

In a video which is currently getting the rounds of social media and making abuzz in international entertainment media, Lea is shown singing Aladdin’s “A Whole New World” with the international Opera group Il Divo. Since its posting last April 2014, the video has already raked more than 356 thousand views on Youtube. Comments from the viewers of the video and from the different articles that posted about it are unanimous in praising Lea’s performance.

It was in 1992 that Lea first sing the song for the movie Aladdin, but watching the video, one can still hear the same Lea 22 years back. The song was also awarded that year as Best Original Theme Song in the 1992 Oscar Awards.

Here’s Lea Salonga with Il Divo’s 2014 version of A Whole New World.


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