Wency Cornejo hits Jovit Baldivino’s disrespect

Singer-songwriter and former lead vocalist of 90’s band After Imge Wency Cornejo hits Jovit Baldivino for his alleged disrespect on the show they both performed.

Cornejo took to his Facebook account to post his anguish about an alleged blatant disrespect of Jovit Baldivino.

On his Facebook status published Tuesday September 8, 2015, Wency recounted how Jovit showed disrespectful manner in a show in Labangan General Santos City Monday night.

According to the veteran singer, it’s very sad to know there are performers like Jovit who doesn’t know how to respect much older artists. He also added, Jovit was already informed not to sing a particular song in favor of the composer and original singer who was also there to perform. But Jovit didn’t heed the request and carry on with his performance.

wency fb status

To know more details about the story, GigsManila asks Wency through FB chat but he pointed us to the person directly involved with the issue, Alon Band’s Renne dela Rosa. He said, he was just a witness to what happened and it’s better if the story will come straight from the horse’s mouth.

Gigsmanila has tried to reach Renee dela Rosa, but until now he hasn’t responded yet to our message.


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