What to expect from the One Direction concert in Manila

Pop groups, like most other music acts, go through changes. Most of them begin their careers with a lot of help from their label and a squeaky-clean look to boot. This look usually evolves as the group matures. Each member goes through an individual transformation and adopts a more distinctive look. The same is also true as can be observed in the songs that they sing.

With their much-awaited concert tonight at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, Filipino Directioners can expect the British quintet to be more mature this time around.

The fans will definitely see that this wasn’t the same five boys that were selected to form a group when they joined The X-Factor UK in 2010. Now, all of them are strapping young lads in their early 20s.

One of the things that remains with the group is their vocal cohesion and harmonization. Even as they individually sound different from the time they had started, they have managed to retain and add more dimensions to their vocal chemistry as a group.

Fans can surely expect Liam to crack the jokes on stage, while Louis will charm the crowd with his cheeky demeanor, just as Niall busts a move with his guitar in hand. Harry who now sports longer hair will definitely make the girls and women scream even when he is sporting a scowl or a look of intense focus on his face. It’s unfortunate though that Zayn, with his soulful voice and dreamy eyes, will not be able to join the concert.

This is definitely a very diverse boy band. Fans can expect that One Direction will not be performing any choreographed dance steps because that’s not who they are. Instead, what the fans will see is a lot of funny moves and running around the stage since the boys are all about being themselves and having fun.

The boys have also changed musically. Fans can expect that the group will be playing a lot of tracks from their latest album as well as songs that have endeared them to their fans worldwide like “What Makes You Beautiful” and “One Thing.”

Their fans from five years ago have also grown up along with the group. So expect them to cheer for their idols a bit harder and louder. Their concert here in Manila will surely mark how the group has evolved and how their fans are with them throughout this awesome journey.