Will Smith Returns to Rap with Bomba Estereo’s Fiesta Remix

For the last few years, Will Smith has been hinting of a music comeback through a possible collaboration with Kanye West, Drake and his son Jaden. The long wait is finally over! After almost a decade, Will recently released his newest single, Fiesta Remix. This marks Will’s first single after his semi-retirement in the music scene.

Fiesta Remix is a party song originally performed by Bomba Estereo, a band based in Barranquilla, Colombia. Bomba Estereo described their music as electro vacilón, electro tropical, or psychedelic Cumbria. Will Smith’s version was mixed of English and American-accented Spanish words accentuated with Spanish guitar. Will for his part contributed some bars for the remixed version of the dance song.

Fiesta Remix shows that Will Smith still got the swag after a decade of hiatus from the music scene. By Spitting words like “Hola Mamacita, Go get me a beer-a,” Bomba Estereo hit the spot while narrating his desire to dance with Sophia Vergara. In the song, he demanded to stop talking trash because he is a Tesla. He taught the game as a professor and gave fresh and new ideas.

Listening to Fiesta Remix, one can conclude that Will Smith is still on the top of the game showcasing his trademarks from hot girls, to all-night partying and inclusion of high-tech reference (like Tesla) into his songs.

Bomba Estereo and Will Smith’s Fiesta remix are now on Youtube and its available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. According to AP, Will Smith already shot a music video for the song with Bomba Estereo.

Watch the video below:


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