WORLD PREMIERE: ‘My World is Your Love’ by Kithara

A year has passed since Kithara released their music video for their original composition “Esquinita.” And now, the indie acoustic trio unveils the music video for their new original composition titled “My World is Your Love.

Mellow yet with a blissful vibe, the song is full of positive affection that will make feel like you are attending a wedding ceremony. “My World in Your Love” is another track to add to your playlist of wedding songs. “You are the reason that I find / a reason to leave my world behind.” The track is a serenade of unconditional love to the one who makes your life worth living. Lead vocalist Pato San Juan never fails to entertain listeners with his distinct vocals, a soulful voice capable of delivering a song with utmost sincerity.

The music video features different real-life couples telling us about their love story. Endearing moments are captured with the track serving as the perfect soundtrack to the pool of love that overflows from every couple.

Watch the world premiere of the music video for Kithara’s new single “My World is Your Love” below.