WSK Festival 2014 showcases innovations in audio visual arts

Held from November 7 – 9 in 3 different venues in Makati City, WSK Festival of the the Recently Possible 2014 treats its audiences to different forms of arts which shy away from the conventional types.

On its Novermber 7 show at the TIU Theater in Amorsolo St. Makati City, WSK Festival 2014 performers showcased technology innovations in creating sounds and visuals.

Canadian media artists Gene Kogan started the show with a workshop on the new technologies in developing  and capturing audio and visuals directly from human movements and sounds. He introduced an instrument called “Manta” which uses digital sensors to capture sound and turn it into music. He also shared the application he’s currently developing that would detect human movements to control and produce sounds and visuals.

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After Kogan’s talk, several artists followed showcasing their artistry in creating music from electronic sounds. Canada’s Szkieve and Indonesia’s Ricky Jantra gives the audience a taste of their brand of electronic music matched with colorful audio visual arts.

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Japanese artists Daisuke Tanabe and Yosi Horikawa meanwhile, showed their musical artistry through the film “Calinawan” by Tito and Tita. Tanabe and Horikawa created the soundtrack of the film which was shot in Tanay, Rizal using both human and sounds of the nature.

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And the last part was a performance from Thailand’s Eletro/Acoustic/Punk Rock  Duo Stylish Nonsense which definitely captured the audience hearts. The two were applauded many times for their musicality and showmanship bringing so much entertainment that night.

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Directed by Tengal Drilon, WSK Festival is an annual International Art Festival dedicated to the Digital and Electronic Arts in the Philippines. It celebrated digital culture and innovation that brings together a global community of artists and audiences.

WSK Day 1 (November 7) was held at the Blank Market in Chino Roces Makati also with Daisuke and Yosi and other performances from Children of Cathode Ray, Mumuy, Stylish Nonsense and Lifepatch. Day 3 on the other hand (November 9) was held at 2135 Chino Roces Ave. Makati featuring Interactive installations from Antirender, Gene Kogan, Edsel Abesamis, Manticore, Mvltiverse, Ricky Jantra, Tad Ermitano and Unde with performance from Bent Lynchpin, Joee&I+Gentle Universe, Similar Objects, Bighatgang and Slow Hello.


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