Youtube’s Pretty Russian Girl stages a concert in Tondo

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Youtube sensation, Anna Rabtsun, the Russian girl whose videos went viral online,  recently staged a concert for the people living in Barangay 105 Happyland , Tondo,  Manila.

Her  journey to the slums of  Tondo, Manila is included on  the first 360 virtual reality documentary in South East Asia titled “Happyland360” created by VOSTOKVR and V3RA. In the video, The Pretty Russian girl sings the popular song “Anak” by Freddie Aguilar.

Vitaly Nechaev, owner of the virtual reality company VOSTOKVR developed “Happyland360” after seeing the video of Syrian refugees, as well as another video of  Anna Rabtsun singing the hit-song of Freddie Aguilar in a poor community. He wanted to educate people about the life in slums.

“When I watched the video of Anak, I saw more than just the slums, more than a dump site, I saw a lot of beautiful smiling faces. I was surprised, and something changed inside of me. I wanted to bring this experience from flat 2D to 360 VR,” Vitaly Nechaev said.

Happyland is located five (5) kilometers away from beautiful shopping malls and business centers of Manila. It is the place where 40,000 people live and survive on daily basis (and 2/3 of them are children).

Take your  interactive virtual tour to Happyland  below:

Happyland360 VR Documentary

Just use your phone to look around! "Happyland360" is first even in South-East Asia 360 documentary created by VOSTOKVR and V3RA. Happyland is the place that should not exist (but it exists for almost 2 decades). Place located just 5 kilometers away from beautiful shopping malls and business centres of Manila. Happyland is the place where 40,000 people live and survive on everyday basis (and 2/3 of them children). And do like and share this video. The more people will see, the less chances that those people would be ignored for another 19 years.

Posted by Virtual Reality Headset on Monday, December 28, 2015