Viber Announces Its Biggest Event This June 2014

Viber, the leading free instant messaging application in the country, now comes up with another thrilling party at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds on June 11, 2014. Tagged as #OneVibePH, this event aims to integrate Philippine modern culture to modern music and to encourage Filipino pride in terms of music and its artistry, food and culture bringing altogether in one big event.

Dubbed as Viber’s “most challenging event” this year, the company tapped experts in their respective field — Domini Primero of Driven Manila and Stephen Ku of Eventscape to mount the said event. In an interview, Primero announced “We are just so excited for #OneVibePH as we’re about to unleash the biggest party on the night before the Philippine Independence Day tapping all the prime clubs in Manila to come as ONE. So far, 12 venues will be closed on June 11 to celebrate with us”. The 12 clubs mentioned are Aracama, Dillingers, The Distillery, Haze, Hyve, Imperial, Prive, Prohibition, Republiq, Skye, Time, Prive and UrBn. #OneVibePH is supported by, AirAisa, Greenwich and Grabtaxi.

Crystal Lee, Viber’s Country Manager, added “After the success of #Viberacay event which dominated the island of Boracay during the Labor Day weekend, Viber wishes to celebrate the Philippine Independence Day since we already have our local office here in Manila providing free messaging to 13 million Viber subscribers. This is an opportunity for us to gather Viber users, enjoy the biggest electronic event and dance to the music of our local DJs.”

Joining the headliners are Filipino Apl.De.Ap, DJ Filipino-Dutch Laidback Luke, Filipino DJs Funk Avy, Mars Miranda and Motherbasss. Foreign DJs will also join the event in support of Filipino talents: HardRock Sofa and Infected Mushroom.

Tickets are now available thru SM Tickets at (02) 470-2222 or and at Ticketworld at 891-9999 or at Ticket prices are at Php 1000.00 for Patron tickets and Php 500.00 for students and Viber users, just Viber Message using the hashtag (#OneVibePH) to 0911-VIBERPH to get the promo code when purchasing online.

13 million subscribers… 12 Prime Dance Clubs… 6 Participating Local DJs in 1 Epic Viber Event!

Christian Bautista, Karylle host PhilStage Gawad Buhay

Singers-TV personalities-Musical Theater stars Christian Bautista and Karylle reunite to host the 2014 Philstage Gawad Buhay for the Performing Arts Awards Night this June 6, Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino, Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Christian Bautista and Karylle headlined musicals West Side Story, Rama Hari, and Cinderella. They were also the stars of international TV musical The Kitchen Musical, which aired over 20 countries around the world.

Christian and Karylle also starred in numerous shows here and abroad, and were perennial partners in ASAPbefore. They also did a few TV specials together.

Philstage is the only alliance of professional performing arts organizations in the Philippines. Its members include Ballet Manila, Ballet Philippines, Gantimpala Theater Foundation, Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit, Peta, Repertory Philippines, Tanghalang Pilipino, Trumpets, Actor’s Actors Inc., 9 Works Theatrical and Philippine Opera Company.

Gawad Buhay, considered the local Tony Awards as it honors all the best stage performances for the year, will feature excerpts from last year’s best musicals as well as ballets.

This year, Philstage will give a lifetime achievement award to Naty Crame Rogers, the first lady of Philippine Theater and Basilio Esteban Villaruz for Dance and Arts Criticism.


Outstanding Original Script 
No nomination

Outstanding Original Libretto
Nicolas Pichay, “Rock Supremo” (BP)
Layeta Bucoy, “Sandosenang Sapatos” (TP)
Jaime del Mundo, “The Bluebird of Happiness” (Trumpets)
Rody Vera, “D’Wonder Twins of Boac” (Peta)
Rody Vera, “Ibalong” (TP)

Outstanding Translation or Adaptation
Rody Vera, “Der Kaufmann” (TP)

Outstanding Musical Direction
Sweet Plantado-Tiongson and Joseph Tolentino, “Grease” (9 Works Theatrical)
Only Torres, “The Producers” (Rep)
Rony Fortich, “The Bluebird of Happiness” (Trumpets)
Carol Bello, “Ibalong” (TP)
Josefino “Chino” Toledo, “San Andres B” (Tanghalang Pilipino)

Outstanding Original Musical Composition
Josefino “Chino” Toledo, “San Andres B” (TP)
Carol Bello, “Ibalong” (TP)
Noel Cabangon and Jed Balsamo, “Sandosenang Sapatos” (TP)
Rony Fortich, “The Bluebird of Happiness” (Trumpets)
Jeff Hernandez, “D’Wonder Twins of Boac” (Peta)

Outstanding Choreography for a Dance Production 
Edna Vida Froilan, “A Christmas Carol” (BP)
Carlo Pacis, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (BP)
Gerard Francisco (“Ang Palasyo ng Mga Duwende”) and Osias Barroso and Michael Divinagracia (“Anting-Anting”), “Tatlo Pang Kuwento ni Lola Basyang” (BM)

Outstanding Choreography for a Play or Musical 
Arnold Trinidad and Francis Matheu, “Grease” (9WT)
Carlon Matobato, “D’Wonder Twins of Boac” (Peta)
Nancy Crowe, “The Bluebird of Happiness” (Trumpets)
Alden Lugnasin, “Ibalong” (TP)

Outstanding Costume Design 
Raven Ong, “Alice in Wonderland” (Rep)
Raven Ong, “Boeing, Boeing” (Rep)
Mio Infante, “The Bluebird of Happiness” (Trumpets)
Tuxqs Rutaquio, “Der Kaufmann” (TP)
Leeroy New, “Ibalong” (TP)

Outstanding Lighting Design 
John Batalla, “The Bluebird of Happiness” (Trumpets)
John Batalla, “Der Kaufmann” (TP)
Jay Aranda, “San Andres B” (TP)
Jolu Escaño, “Red” (Actor’s Actors, Inc.)
John Batalla, “The Graduate” (Rep)

Outstanding Sound Design 
Jeff Hernandez, “D’Wonder Twins of Boac” (Peta)
Dodo Lim, “Red” (AAI)
Rards Corpus, “The Bluebird of Happiness” (Trumpets)
TJ Ramos, “Der Kaufmann” (TP)
TJ Ramos, “Ibalong” (TP)

Outstanding Set Design
Mio Infante, “The Graduate” (Rep)
Gino Gonzales, “Alice in Wonderland” (Rep)
Damien Anne and Baby Imperial-Anne, “Red” (AAI)
Lex Marcos, “D’Wonder Twins of Boac” (Peta)
Mio Infante, “The Bluebird of Happiness” (Trumpets)

Female Lead Performance in a Play
Regina de Vera, “Der Kaufmann” (TP)

Male Lead Performance in a Play
Bart Guingona, “Red” (AAI)
Reb Atadero, “The Graduate” (Rep)
Jonathan Tadioan, “Der Kaufmann” (TP)

Female Featured Performance in a Play
Carla Dunareanu, “Boeing, Boeing” (Rep)
Raquel Pareño, “Der Kaufmann” (TP)

Male Featured Performance in a Play
Joaquin Valdes, “Red” (AAI)
Joe Gruta, “Kanser” (Gantimpala Theater Foundation)
Lou Veloso, “Der Kaufmann” (TP)
Marco Viaña, “Der Kaufmann” (TP)

Female Lead Performance in a Musical
Jenine Disederio, “Ibalong” (TP)
Trixie Esteban, “Sandosenang Sapatos” (TP)
Nikki Gil, “They’re Playing Our Song” (9WT)
Chimmi Kohchet-Chua, “The Bluebird of Happiness” (Trumpets)
Cris Villonco, “D’Wonder Twins of Boac” (Peta)

Male Lead Performance in a Musical 
Gian Magdangal, “Grease” (9WT)
Robbie Zialcita, “The Producers” (Rep)
Audie Gemora, “No Way to Treat a Lady” (Rep)
Lawrence Martinez, “They’re Playing Our Song” (9WT)
Anton Posadas, “The Bluebird of Happiness” (Trumpets)

Female Featured Performance in a Musical 
Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino, “D’Wonder Twins of Boac” (Peta)
Pinky Marquez, “No Way to Treat a Lady” (Rep)
Bituin Escalante, “Alice in Wonderland” (Rep)
Lynn Sherman, “The Bluebird of Happiness” (Trumpets)
G Töngi-Walters, “The Producers” (Rep)

Male Featured Performance in a Musical 
Audie Gemora, “The Producers” (Rep)
Noel Rayos, “The Producers” (Rep)
Joel Trinidad, “The Producers” (Rep)
Joel Trinidad, “The Bluebird of Happiness” (Trumpets)
Cheeno Macaraig, “Ibalong” (TP)

Female Lead Performance in Modern Dance 
Katherine Trofeo, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (BP)
Kris-Belle Paclibar, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (BP)
Carissa Adea, “Rock Supremo” (BP)
Joan Emery Sia, “Tatlo Pang Kuwento ni Lola Basyang” (BM)
Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, “Tatlo Pang Kuwento ni Lola Basyang” (BM)

Male Lead Performance in Modern Dance
Nonoy Froilan, “A Christmas Carol” (BP)
Cyril Fallar, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (BP)
Richardson Yadao, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (BP)
Richardson Yadao, “Rock Supremo” (BP)
Michael Divinagracia, “Tatlo Pang Kuwento ni Lola Basyang” (BM)

Female Featured Performance in Modern Dance 
Guia Gequinto, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (BP)
Monica Gana, “Rock Supremo” (BP)
Jan Erika Basilio, “Tatlo Pang Kuwento ni Lola Basyang” (BM)
Missy Macuja Elizalde, “Tatlo Pang Kuwento ni Lola Basyang” (BM)

Male Featured Performance in Modern Dance
Jean Marc Cordero, “A Christmas Carol” (BP)
Richardson Yadao, “A Christmas Carol” (BP)
Earl John Arisola, “Rock Supremo” (BP)
Jean Marc Cordero, “Rock Supremo” (BP)
Victor Maguad, “Rock Supremo” (BP)

Female Lead Performance in Classical Dance
Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, “Le Corsaire” (BM)
Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, The “Nutcracker” (BM)
Dawna Mangahas in “The Nutcracker” (BM)
Denise Parungao, “Giselle” (BP)
Katherine Trofeo, “Giselle” (BP)

Male Lead Performance in Classical Dance
Mikhail Martinyuk, “La Bayadere” (BM)
Rudy de Dios, “The Nutcracker” (BM)
Earl John Arisola, “Giselle” (BP)
Jean Marc Cordero, “Giselle” (BP)

Female Featured Performance in Classical Dance
Jan Erika Basilio, “Le Corsaire” (BM)
Dawna Mangahas “Le Corsaire” (BM)
Jessa Balote, “The Nutcracker” (BM)
Missy Macuja Elizalde, “The Nutcracker” (BM)
Rita Winder, “Giselle” (BP)

Male Featured Performance in Classical Dance
Francis Cascaño, “Le Corsaire” (BM)
Gerardo Francisco Jr., “Le Corsaire” (BM)

Outstanding Modern Dance Production
“A Christmas Carol” (BP)
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (BP)
“Tatlo Pang Kuwento ni Lola Basyang” (BM)

Outstanding Classical Dance Production
“Le Corsaire” (BM)
“The Nutcracker” (BM)

Outstanding Stage Direction for a Play or Musical
Robbie Guevarra, “Grease” (9WT)
Bart Guingona, “Red” (AAI)
Maribel Legarda, “D’Wonder Twins of Boac” (Peta)
Jaime del Mundo, “The Bluebird of Happiness” (Trumpets)
Tuxqs Rutaquio and Rody Vera, “Der Kaufmann” (TP)

Outstanding Ensemble Performance for a Play
“Red” (AAI)
“Der Kaufmann” (TP)

Outstanding Ensemble Performance for a Musical
“Grease” (9WT)
“D’Wonder Twins of Boac” (Peta)
“Ibalong” (TP)
“The Producers” (Rep)
“The Bluebird of Happiness” (Trumpets)

Outstanding Ensemble Performance for Modern Dance
“A Christmas Carol” (BP)
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (BP)
“Tatlo Pang Kuwento ni Lola Basyang” (BM)

Outstanding Ensemble Performance for Classical Dance
“Giselle” (BP)
“Le Corsaire” (BM)
“The Nutcracker” (BM)

Outstanding Production of Existing Material for a Play
“Red” (AAI)
“Der Kaufmann” (TP)

Outstanding Production of Existing Material for a Musical
“Grease” (9WT)
“They’re Playing Our Song” (9WT)
“The Producers” (Rep)

Outstanding Production for Children—Play, Musical or Dance
“Tatlo Pang Kuwento ni Lola Basyang” (BM)
“A Christmas Carol” (BP)
“Alice in Wonderland” (Rep)
“Sandosenang Sapatos” (TP)
“The Bluebird of Happiness” (Trumpets)

Outstanding Original Play
No nomination

Outstanding Original Musical
“D’Wonder Twins of Boac” (Peta)
“The Bluebird of Happiness” (Trumpets)
“Sandosenang Sapatos” (TP)
“Ibalong” (TP)

Philpop 2014 releases its Top 12 songs

The Philippine Popular Music Festival Foundation is back on its third run this year to showcase the brilliance of OPM musicians and songwriters. On May 29, PhilPop Music Foundation released its roster of song finalists for the Philippine Pop Music Festival 2014.

From the thousands of entries submitted, the organizing committee has chosen the twelve best songs that reflect the ideals of Original Pilipino Music (OPM). No less than Mr. Ryan Cayabyab, PhilPop Music Foundation’s Executive Director, said that he is very excited because the finalists are very different and varied in terms of genres.

The winning song will be awarded one million pesos on the finals night to be held on July 26, 2014 to at the Meralco Theatre.

Below are the Top 12 songs for PhilPop 2014:

  1. “Awit Mo’y Nandito Pa” by Toto Sorioso, Interpreted by Aldrich Talonding and James Bucong
  2. “Babalikan Mo Rin Ako” by Soc Villanueva, Interpreted by Nikki Gil
  3. “Dear Heart” By Mike Villegas, Interpreted by Kiana Valenciano
  4. “Hangout Lang” By Allan Feliciano and Isaac Garcia, Interpreted by Duncan Ramos and Young JV
  5. “Kung Akin ang Langit” By Chi Datu-Bocobo, Interpreted by Mcoy Fundales and Clara Benin
  6. “Langit Umaawit” By Toto Sorioso, Interpreted by Tom Rodriguez
  7. “No Girlfriend Since Break” Writtern by Davey Langit, Interpreted by Luigi D’ Avola
  8. “Qrush on You” by Knowa Lazarus and Flava Matiks, Interepreted by Jay-R, Elmo Magalona and Q-York
  9. “Salbabida” by Jungee Marcelo, Interpreted by Kyla
  10. “The Only One” by Popsie San Pedro, Interpreted by Thor Dulay
  11. “Song on a Broken String” by Jude Gitamandoc and Therese Villarante, Interpreted by Nicole Laurel Asensio
  12. “Torpe” by Daryl Ong, Interpreted by Kris Lawrence

The twelve songs are part of the PhilPop 2014 album produced and distributed by Universal Records and is already available for download on

Whose Dreams Will Get Real in McJim’s music talent search?

Will it be a band, a boyband, or a solo act? Getting a crack at becoming the next Original Pilipino Music (OPM) star are the top six finalists of “Dreams Get Real,” a music talent search organized by McJIM Classic Leather. The six acts will battling it out in the grand finals on June 30 are Archetype, CK Arca, Dream of Pearl, Fifth Dynamics, JBK and Neo Domingo.

On their way to the grand finals, the Top 6 have recorded and released their debut singles in radio stations nationwide. They will also be featured in MTV Pinoy for the month of June. A jury composed of music industry movers led by project head and public relations executive Chris Cahilig and multi-awarded arranger Jonathan Ong of Sonic State Studio will take into consideration radio airplay, radio chart success and Youtube views as well as overall potential in selecting the grand winner.

“McJim Classic Leather initiated the competition to give undiscovered Filipino talents a chance to be heard while expanding the library of OPM with fresh melodies and lyrics that resonate the national sentiment,” says Cahilig. “We applied McJim’s principle of quality and originality in choosing the six singles recorded by the finalists. We are optimistic and confident that these songs will help advance our agenda of enlivening the local music industry,” he adds.

The grand champion of the Dreams Get Real talent search will receive a cash prize worth P50,000 from McJim Classic Leather, a recording and management contract, and a grant to record a single and release a music video. The second placer will win P25,000 in cash and a trophy, while the third place winner will receive P15,000 in cash and a trophy.

“McJim Classic Leather is pulling all the stops in creating a memorable show during the Finals Night,” says Cahilig. “Having gone through an extensive, rigorous search, the Top 6 are poised to have the biggest performance in their budding musical careers. Only one will emerge as winner, but I’m confident that, with the right attitude and motivation, all of them will stake their claims in the music industry.”


Archetype is a band from Tondo, Manila is composed of Alvin Traqueña (rhythm guitar), Ar John Patalay (lead guitar), Nikko Martin Francisco (bass guitar), Tricia May Casauay (vocals) and Zejemiah Gonzaga (drums). The group recorded their own composition “Di Na Biro.” Their musical influences range from Hillsong to Paramore to Up Dharma Down and Kamikazee.

“At first I thought we [joined] this competition just for experience, because honestly, we lack outside exposure,” says bass guitarist Nikko Martin. “But as I think of it deeper, ‘Dreams Get Real’ is a venue for us to showcase our talent, to prove that we can do more.”

CK Arca
CK Arca

CK Arca, otherwise known as Calvin Khaye from Caloocan City, interpreted “Certified Good Vibes,” an inspirational song composed by Raffy Calicdan, a PhilPop finalist and a member of The X-Factor finalist Take Off. CK usually sings and plays pop, R&B, classic rock and standard music. His musical idols include Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, Steve Perry and Aerosmith. He joined the competition to “gain more experience as a singer and to work with one of the best management companies here in this industry.”

Dream of Pearl
Dream of Pearl

Amateur band Dream of Pearl from Caloocan City recorded their debut single “Panalo,” a song composed by Oli Agustin of the band Letter Day Story. The band is composed of Alfonso Abrenzosa (vocals), Mark Jayson Dizon (guitar), Von Christian Vizmanos (bass) and Evan Briones (drums). Playing alternative, rock and acoustic music, the band considers Eraserheads, Bamboo, Parokya ni Edgar and Silent Sanctuary as their musical influences.

Making it to the Top 6 has been a big boost for the band’s confidence. They consider the competition as a door opening to a myriad of opportunities. “We believe that ‘Dreams Get Real’ is a big break for us,” says vocalist Alfonso. “This is a chance to show our talent and our own music.”

Fifth Dynamics
Fifth Dynamics

Another group taking a shot for the grand prize is Fifth Dynamics, from Antipolo City. Their single “Anyare” is their own composition written with the help of Chris Cahilig, the discoverer and manager of boyband 1:43. Composed of Mark Cordovales (vocals), John Peterson Leyva (rhythm guitar), Eljon Nono (lead guitar), Daryl Jay Santos (bass guitar) and Aldrin Condat (drums), the group plays mainly pop rock and alternative rock and lists Rivermaya, Bamboo, Kris Allen and Boyce Avenue as their influences.

Dreaming of one day representing the Philippines in an international competition, Fifth Dynamics hopes to kickstart that goal by becoming a recording artist. For them, the competition has proved to be an eye-opener in more ways than one as they say that their experience so far with “Dreams Get Real” has been beyond their expectations.


JBK, a trio from Mandaluyong City, released the love song “Anong Meron Ka,” composed by Urie Tesorio who is also behind the hits “Hayop sa Ganda” and “Ikaw at Ako” of 1:43. The group is composed of Joshua Bulot, Bryan del Rosario and Kim Ordonio. They have a variety of influences that include The Wanted, One Direction, All4one, Boys2Men, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz and Emblem3, among others.

It was the competition that prompted the three friends to create a group and show off their musical skills. “The tagline itself, ‘Dreams Get Real,’ prompted us to join the competition,” says Joshua. “We want that dream to get real. And knowing McJIM is there to back us up, we are very lucky to be given an opportunity to represent an undeniably great brand.”

Neo Domingo
Neo Domingo

Neo, whose real name is Epifanio Domingo III, lent his vocals to give life to the song “Pagbigyan Mo Na,” also penned by Tesorio. The Quezon City vocalist plays acoustic pop rock and R&B music. He admires John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars and Gary Valenciano. The competition is a way for him to showcase his own composition and hopefully achieve success in the industry and “promote OPM” to a larger audience.

#KalyePop –1:43 puts a new twist to KPop in third album

Often mistaken for Korean pop stars, Filipino boyband 1:43 (read as “one forty-three”) has released a brand new EP #KalyePop, giving the term KPop a different dimension. The album has been released under MCA Music.

#KalyePop or KPop is our humble contribution to the rebirth of the local music industry. We hope that our new musical direction will advance our mission of winning back the Filipino audiences to Original Pilipino Music (OPM),” says the group’s spokesman Anjo Resurreccion.

According to their band manager Chris Cahilig, the idea of producing a #KalyePop for 1:43 has been in his mind since he formed the boy band in 2010 as a reaction to the young Filipino audience’s fancy for KPop music and stardom. “#KalyePop is inspired by the musical aesthetics of the everyday Juan dela Cruz on the street. We wanted a selection of songs that can be easily played with a guitar while having a drinking session or danced by the masses young and old, rich or poor in public gatherings,” explains Cahilig.

Except for the song “Ang Saya-Saya” penned by acclaimed composer Jonathan Ong of Sonic State Studio, the rest of the tracks of #KalyePop, including the hit “Hayop Sa Ganda” and the earlier promotional single “Ikaw At Ako” were composed by musician and the group’s road manager Urie Tesorio. Chris Cahilig also produced the album while Ong arranged the songs. Its neo-colonial-themed album cover was photographed by 1:43’s original and former member Kimmeth Nicolas and styled by Ryuji Shiomitsu.

The three remaining tracks of #KalyePop include the cleverly titled song “Istambay Me” which tackles about the rampancy of unemployment among Filipino youth, and the ballads “Langit” and “Pwede Bang Malaman” which carry 1:43’s signature romantic melody and lyrics.

One of the tracks of #KalyePop is now a radio hit. The song “Hayop Sa Ganda” has so far received over 330,000 views on Youtube and is considered the fastest moving OPM song on the social media site. It has brought back 1:43 to the limelight after the success of “Sa Isang Sulyap Mo,” the 2013 PMPC Star Award for Music “Song of the Year.”

Jack Daniel’s Indiefest

On May 30, 2014 Jack Daniel’s Philippines gives music fans all over the metro a reason to head out of their homes and worktables for a celebration of local independent music experienced through Jack Daniel’s. Come over and enjoy yourselves from 6pm onwards at Capitol Commons Pasig for the JD INDIEFEST.

Have a drink or two of Jack as you let your spirits soar to the music of the noteworthy local independent acts in the country today. Performing in the must see event of the late summer are the top 21 bands from the brand’s ongoing music campaign, Jack Daniel’s On Stage— Mad Hatter Day, Turbo Goth, December Avenue, Curbside, Earthmover, Tonight We Sleep, Imelda, Runway Crimes, Lions & Acrobats, Ang Bandang Shirley, We Are Imaginary, The Strangeness, Penguin, Reklamo, Kala, Autotelic, The Wilderness, Peso Movement, Farewell Fair Weather, Flying Ipis and Foc Fashion. As well as some explosive musical sets from the current JD Chosen Artists— Kelevra, Blue Boy Bites Back and Mr.Bones & the Boneyard Circus.

The JD Indiefest kicks off the launch the Callback Sessions Tour of the Jack Daniel’s On Stage campaign, which will run from July to September 2014.

Visit the official Jack Daniel’s Philippines Facebook Fan Page to find out how you can score an exclusive invite to the JD Indiefest, a rocking show in a signature Jack Daniel’s manner you’d want to experience over and over again. So we dare to ask… ARE YOU ‘IN’?

Jack Daniel’s Philippines and the Jack Daniel’s On Stage campaign is powered by JB Music Philippines and supported by its media partners Manila Bulletin, Business World, Rogue Magazine, Jack TV, Jam 88.3, Pinoytuner, Radio Republic,, Vandals On The Wall, NDFY.ME and

Play with heart. Drink with care.
For 18+ y.o. only.

Xian Lim Records His Original Song, Releases Second Album

Xian Lim’s sophomore album “XL2” has come out via Star Records.

“My second album is extra special and literally too personal because it carries three of my original songs. Recording them really made the process more exciting and emotional at the same time.

Because it gave me the chance to set the standards and put my full emotion in my renditions,” the Kapamilya heartthrob turned singer explains.

Among Xian’s original songs included in the album is “Kung ‘Di Sa Iyo,” one of the official theme songs of the ABS-CBN drama series “Ina Kapatid Anak” where he and Kim Chiu paired up.

“XL2” also features four original tracks including “Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo” and the carrier single “Pag May Time.”

Xian also recorded a cover of the OPM classic “Si Aida, si Lorna o si Fe” popularized by 80s music icon Marco Sison.

Kyla releases latest album “Journey”

After a long break from releasing new music, the country’s R&B princess Kyla has released her latest album “Journey.”

She has proved to be one of the most uniquely talented recording artists of her generation since her debut in 2000.

I have come from a long journey to finally release a new album again and I can say, it feels to great to be back. This new album brings so much excitement and fulfillment in my career that now I have a family of my own, I’m back to what I love doing the most—singing and recording songs for my fellow music lovers,” she says of her new album. “The title kind of speaks for itself, my journey of life experiences. My last album came out in 2010 and here we are in 2014, and there are a lot of things have happened, obviously. There are a lot of changes that I need to embrace as to the music industry and battle of producing quality songs. And people have seen me go through so many things in the public, whether it’s my personal life or my career,” Kyla shares.

The first single off the album,  “Kunwa-kunwari Lang,” is a jazz-flavored track written by Francis Salazar & Jungee Marcelo. The song debuted on the radio last month and has been receiving much praise for her support as it hit #1 on RX 93.1 daily survey. The song also entered the iTunes chart at number one upon release.

While she took something of a risk by breaking from her norm, this 6-track project finds Kyla working with songwriting and production heavyweights, including Jungee Marcelo, Francis Salazar, Yosha Honasan and R&B prince Jay-R. The album also includes “My Heart,” a song written by Brian McKnight for Kyla. The song eventually became the wedding song when she tied the knot with PBA cager Rich Alvarez, with whom she now has a one-year-old son.

That part of my life plays a big role of this journey. Especially on how I see life in a much brighter perspective and how love has defined itself for me,” Kyla further explains. She co-wrote the title track with Jay-R and Kettle Mata.

Shortly after her return in late 2013, Kyla began recording a new album. In March, Kyla renewed her contract with PolyEast Records.

Watxh out for her as she visits the following places for her “Journey” album tour.

  • May 16                 5pm       Mall tour Robinsons Metro East
  • May 25                 5pm       SM Fairview
  • May 31                 6pm       Ayala Center Cebu

Guitar Legend Jun Lopito Seeks Medical Attention for Rare Hepatitis

Legendary Pinoy rock and blues guitarist Jun Lopito was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and is in need of immediate medical attention.

In her private message to a certain Tita Maricel, Lopito’s daughter Bebop Lavalan said her father is still “undergoing outpatient workup and to date, a few diagnoses have been established for which further evaluation is needed.”

The music legend has been getting some assistance from Hearts of Music (HOM), a non-government organization founded by jazz and ska singer Skarlet Brown in her desire to fasten and preserve the health and livelihood of Filipino musicians.

Skarlet Brown also known as Myra Rauro, who fronted Put3Ska in the early 90s, confirmed that HOM paid for Lopito’s initial tests even though his ailment had not been made public yet at the time.

Yung iba nga akala hindi ako kumikilos kasi nga discreet lang,” Skarlet shares.

Aside from HOM, the Brownbeat All-Stars also had a ‘pass the hat’ thing at Tomato Kick during a gig.

We managed to raise P11,000 that contributed to Jun’s medical needs,” Skarlet added.

But the need to raise more funds for Lopito’s increasing medical expenses has prompted his daughter Bebop to ask for more help from well-meaning friends and perhaps some concerned fans.

We are reaching out to concerned, kind souls who are interested and willing to offer assistance to Jun. You can get in touch with us at where we will continue to forward info, updates, and developments, Lavalan appealed.

As of this writing, there are at least two fund-raising gigs for Lopito. There will be a May 16 gig dubbed as “Blues for a Blues Man” at The Bar1951 in M. Adriatico Street in Malate, Manila. Among the featured performers will be Rolly Maligad of Cocojam, the Bleu Rascals, together with Blue Way, Lagkitan, and Paul Puti-an of Coffee Break.

Brown said that there will also be a June 18 fundraiser at Saguijo where she will be one of the performers.

The 55-year-old guitarist born Wolfrando G. Lavalan Jr. is the son of the late comedian Lopito and is one of the pioneers of Pinoy Rock n’ Roll.

He has played guitar or at least jammed with legendary bands and rock icons like The Jerks, Cocojam, Anak Bayan, Tropical Depression, Blitz, Runaway Boys and Joey “Pepe” Smith, and most recently, Mr. Bones and the Boneyard .

He has released his first and only album “Bodhisattvas” in 1995, which featured equally great artists including Joey “Pepe” Smith, Grace Nono, Cocojam, Spy and late great drummer Edmund Fortuno, who also succumbed to a rare disease.

Beat the heat of summer at Drink Up Philippines

Quench your undying thirst brought about by summer in Drink Up Philippines, the country’s first alcohol festival focusing on local craft and international beer, handcrafted cocktails and quality wines, this coming May 24 at the Forum, BGC.

Expect to discover over 150 types of alcoholic concoctions with their fine roster of local bars and breweries, while Manila’s finest mixologists help you get the good kind of buzz.

“Drink Up has a very interesting mix of bars, speakeasies and breweries from all over the Philippines joining us at the festival. We also have the best home grown music talents performing at the festival,” shares Andrea Sambar, Communications Manager of Drink Up Philippines.

Among the popular names on the golden list will be Rocket Room, part of BGC’s haute bar scene, whose skilled mixologists will be there to serve you their famously odd, but brilliantly crafted mixes like the mysterious Rocket Fuel made with their special House Made Jalapeño Pepper Vodka. Another bar to watch out for is the notably quirky Big Bad Wolf, a hidden hipster haven sought out by many for their twists on famous drinks.

For the beer connoisseurs, Drink Up scoured through the country searching for up and coming local breweries that the Philippines has to offer. Brewers from all around the country, like Palawan, Baguio, and Iligan City will be present to showcase their personal brews, such as local brewery, Craftpoint Brewing Co., who will be debuting their German IPL, Mr. Braumeister.

Satisfy your taste buds and marry your drink with a wide array of mouthwatering dishes to complement your beverage and leave you eternally craving for more. With the help of choice restaurants like Pink Panda, celebrity chef Erwan Huessaff’s newest venture, get a taste of the rich South East Asian rich cuisine prepared with a modern twist. Travel over to Las Flores, whose scrumptious tapas will immediately transport you to Spain, served up wonderfully with a glass of their sangria.

Finally, soothe your soul with music by the amazing lineup of local bands with the likes of the Cebuano indie rock band, Urbandub, the Oktaves, and Filipino electrorock band, Pedicab. Drink Up’s diverse lineup of musical acts will keep you company and provide you the perfect soundtrack to cap off your far from monotonous day.

Sambar added that festival-goers will be surprised at the surreal amount of beverages that will be present at the event. “We want everyone to try out something new and expand their palates. From exceptional local craft and international beers to specially prepared cocktails, everyone will definitely find something new to enjoy.”

With the wide variety of exceptional drinks, food and music in Drink Up’s arsenal, Drink Up will definitely be a festival you can count on to bring on the good vibes and unforgettable memories that will put you in a sunny mood even after summer’s over.

Tickets are now available online at
or any TicketWorld outlet/ Vom Fass store nearest you.